open beta starting this friday...good or bad idea?

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open beta starting this friday...good or bad idea?

Postby DasEimer » Wed May 11, 2016 4:17 pm

Is it really a good idea to start the open beta allready this friday?

I don't think so... We all know how buggy the MP is at the moment! Of course you can have fun playing it (at least i had fun testing it so far) if you accept that there are so many bugs (punishing, can't connect, game doesn't end,...).
But if you read some of the discussions in the steam forum you can imagine that the MP can't meet the expectations of those who are waiting for the MP since early february and they won't accept all the bugs.

You might loose some players when you move the release again, BUT you'll loose a lot more players by releasing the MP the way it is right now.

I don't know how far you are with fixing all the bugs. So if you can fix them till friday: Good job, but not enough. It's not only the bugs that might scare off some players. Just look at the prices for the runes! Maybe one 0 less might do the job. But why do i suddently have to pay with gold instead of jeweles?
In my opinion there are only two possible ways for this: Take out the jewels completely or stay with the payment system of the singleplayer.

Also the MP doesn't work without anti-cheat! There is no way to win in MP when your opponent has legendary runes and everything right from the start.

And when you want to play MP, you often want to play with your friends. At the moment you have to be lucky to play with your friend. So you have to implement something like a "ranked" and "unranked" mode, to be able to invite a friend to your game without giving them the possibility of faking all the ratings. But thats something you can do for the final version. It's not really needed in the beta.

All that being said, i think you are on a good way. I really like the idea of this MP and i enjoy playing it. But i think there is just to much to do until you can start an open beta.

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