Alpha 4 is now available

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Alpha 4 is now available

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:07 pm

Alpha 4 is now available for download. The Launcher will download the new version automatically.

There are a few major changes this week:

  1. We are still working hard on improving the controls for a smooth pc experience. This week's patch gives you two options to chose from.
    You can switch the control scheme in the Options menu. Please try them both and tell us what you like and what not.

  2. The other major change this week is that we improved the resolution and frame rate of all characters and creeps in the game.
    Do you like them?

  3. Finally, you will no longer see the ugly resolution dialog every time you start the game. By default, it will open in fullscreen mode
    using your desktop resolution. If you have played the game before, it will instead stick with the setting you used the last time.
    If you want to change the resolution settings, hold the shift key while the game is starting. We are working on making these settings available in-game.

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