Alpha 8

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Alpha 8

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:46 pm

We can finally show you what our artists have been working on for the past couple of weeks:
This patch brings a whole new weather effect system. Fog, rain and lightning strongly underline the dark mood of the game. A Bloom filter provides a magical glow to our Heroes' special abilities and Depth of Field creates a cineastic look.

Also new this week is our integration of Steam Achievements. There is a total of 30 achievements for you to hunt down. You can't see the full list on Steam until our store page goes live. But don't fret, the full list is here:

  • Slayer - Killed 50.000 Creeps.
  • Spellmaster - Killed 5.000 Creeps using Spells.
  • Savior - Fully upgraded the Village
  • Master Blacksmith - Upgrade every Weapon to the highest Level.
  • It begins - Complete the Tutorial
  • He is here - Survive your first encounter with Count Necrosis
  • Bone Destroyer - Defeat Bones O'Malley
  • Granimosity - Defeat the Queen of Corpses
  • Hell hath no Fury - Defeat Dr. Amalgam
  • King of Wolves - Defeat Redfang Wrathborn
  • Envy - Defeat Alana Nightshade
  • The Father - Defeat Count Necrosis ( ?)
  • Family Legacy - Defeat Count Necrosis, once and for all
  • Gravedigger - Unlock Barrows
  • Burn Them! - Unlock Samhain
  • Pretty Deadly - Unlock Jane
  • Halfblood - Unlock Wylde
  • Blot Out the Sun - Have Jack shoot 10 Bolts at once.
  • Viva lá Revolution - Kill any Boss using only Angry Mobs
  • Everybody Be Cool – Slow at least 20 Creeps with one attack of Barrows.
  • Fantastic 5 - Have all Heroes do their Hero's Strike at the same time.
  • Triggerhappy - Win a map on Insane difficulty with 100% Early Called Waves.
  • Silent But Deadly - Hit at least 20 Creeps with one Poison Spell.
  • Hoarder - Have at least one of each Rune
  • Orbs, Orbs, Orbs - Charge a character to Level 10.
  • Overkill - Kill a creep that it is slowed, poisoned, burning, cursed, scared and cut by razor splinters at the same time.
  • TD - Completed the "Tower Defense" Challenge on the Hard or higher difficulty on any Map
  • The Warden - Completed the "Border Guard" Challenge on the Hard or higher difficulty
  • Coast Guard - Completed the "Coast Guard" Challenge on the Hard or higher difficulty

The new version is live on Steam now, it should update automatically. So go check it out right now!

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