Final Alpha Update Before Launch

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Final Alpha Update Before Launch

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:26 pm

This week's patch has some major changes to the early game progression. Many players have reported that the game is too slow and straightforward in the first few hours of gameplay, so we made you progress a lot faster through the early content and also give you more options by unlocking the forge much earlier and handing out more runes, gold and skill points.

Another major issue that we saw with many, many players is that they spend way too much gold on spells, preventing them from upgrading their buildings and buying better runes. That feature was originally meant to give players a deliberatechoice of trading some metagame progression for killing a particularly nasty wave, but we couldn't find a way to properly communicate that to players. Therefore, we removed the buying of spells altogether. Instead, you now get a limited amount of spells for each map, which works quite well for us.

We also rebalanced the bank. In the previous iteration, there was a massive difference in the exchange rate between the first slot and the last, because we wanted to reward players for spending the gold to unlock them. However, we realized that players would not spend gems at all until much later, when they had fully upgraded the bank, because they didn't want to miss out on the better exchange rate. Therefore, we change the rates to be more similar. You still get the best ratio with the last slot, it just takes a little longer to pay off now.

Please let us know how you like these changes!

Also last week, Karsten gave an interview to German gaming magazine/website GameStar. The review and gameplay video are free for everyone. GameStar subscribers can also watch the full interview, where Karsten tells a lot about the history of the game and our company.

And finally, German Twitch streamer AranelJawbreaker played our game on her stream. It's a great feeling to see people enjoy our game on Twitch.

Click here for Patch Notes.

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