[Suggestion] Make difficulty selection more straightforward

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[Suggestion] Make difficulty selection more straightforward

Postby Quizer » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:31 pm

Suggestion Summary: Make the difficulty selection for maps more straightforward

Type: Interface
Annoyance Level: Minor
Annoyance Frequency: Medium
Difficulty: Trivial
Controversy: None

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You already have this nice interface with the four difficulty stars, but clicking on the thing just makes it cycle through the available difficulty levels. This is silly. What it should let you do instead is click on a star to select the difficulty level you want. If you click the first star, you get easy / campaign difficulty, if you click the second star, you get medium, and so on. You can still have it cycle if you press the button, but it should let you directly pick the difficulty you want. It's not a huge bother, but the player has to deal with this interface all the time, so it's worth improving.

This is an obvious usability upgrade that has no downsides and should be fairly trivial to accomplish. Implement it!

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