[Suggestion] Make difficulty / challenge selection more visually obvious

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[Suggestion] Make difficulty / challenge selection more visually obvious

Postby Quizer » Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:00 pm

Suggestion Summary: Make the difficulty selection for maps more visually obvious

Type: Visual
Annoyance Level: Minor
Annoyance Frequency: Medium
Difficulty: Minor
Controversy: None

HD Difficulty.png
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This screen does an okay job to show the player what is going on, but it could be better. The main problem is that the currently selected buttons are too similar to the completed ones. The challenge buttons and the stars have the same yellow coloring whether they are completed or are currently selected. There's a glow to indicate what is selected, but that glow pulses. You need an indicator that can be identified in an instant and is hard to mistake.

Ideally, the completed challenges / difficulties should be a different color than the current selection, maybe green or blue, so that it is easy to tell apart from the current selection. When I first dealt with this interface, it took some amount of clicking to figure out that the game would not let me pick multiple challenges at the same time.

The buttons / stars should also have a visual difference between "selected + not completed" and "selected + already completed". There should be four distinct visual states:

- not selected, not yet completed
- selected, not yet completed
- not selected, already completed before
- selected, already completed before

Improving this interface is going to require you to whip up some new art assets for these buttons, but it shouldn't be too extravagant a time sink. You should strive for as much clarity in your user interface as possible, so I'm hoping you will follow this suggestion.

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