Version 0.1.2

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Version 0.1.2

Postby [HT]Kevin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:30 am

New Features

Added mouseover tooltips to many UI elements.

User Interface

Moved Angry Mob button to the left side of the screen.

Character Balancing

Jane - Doubled damage multiplier against Igors from 3x to 6x.
Jane - Increased base damage from 35 to 40.
Jane - Increased jump range of Jane's Lightning Strike ability.
Jane - Reduced the damage multiplier of the Gatekeeper skill from 5x-15x to 1.5x-7.5x.

Map Balancing

Watermill – Reduced amount of Path Changes
Watermill – Removed Red Patch from Wave Set
Watermill – Added Wylde Shrine
Watermill – Added Double Damage Shrine
Bridge – Reduced Amount of Path Changes
Bridge – Creep Spawning aligned to Path-Colour
Bridge – Added Barrows Shrine
Bridge – Added Range Shrine
Tower – Reduced variety of Creep Types
Tower – more play-style supporting Path Changes
Tower – Added Range Shrine
Tower – Added Double Attack Speed Shrine

Sam Hain’s Hut – Increased difficulty
Lumberjack – Increased difficulty
Watermill – Increased difficulty
Bridge – Increased difficulty

All Maps – Heal nerfed
All Maps – Regeneration nerfed

All Difficulties
Castle – Bosses have less Health and nerfed Heal/Regeneration


Added two new loading screen hints regarding the Angry Mob because players often forget to use it.

Texts / Story

Updated the French localization to match the changes to the English texts that were made between the first Alpha and now.


All achievements have unique icons now.


Fixed a bug where Jane's Hero Strike started only once she was back on the green character area.
Fixed a bug where the Coast Guard achievement would not unlock.
Fixed a bug where you could not cancel a consumable with RMB when it was dragged.
Fixed a soft-lock that could happen in conjunction with the shrine building tutorial.
Fixed a bug in the creep spawning code where the wrong creep type probabilities were used for subwaves that spawn on a different path than the main wave.
This also fixed a bug where creeps would stop spawning.

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Re: Version 0.1.3

Postby Quizer » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:51 pm

(Am I allowed to post in here? Say the word and I'll make a separate thread for this if needed.)

Yeesh... that specialization multiplier... it's rather brutal, isn't it? It's really punishing if you don't have the right character at hand, though, which tends to make the start of maps excessively difficult, before you accumulate enough orbs to get everyone out.

Also, I replayed Sam Hain's Hut on medium today, because yesterday I completed it and felt it awarded a nice chunk of XP. I still completed the map without too much trouble, but the start was much more difficult. The first wave was skeletons and Barrows could barely deal with them, even though he had the specialization bonus. On the first wave, I kinda expect to be able to just stand there, but instead I had to chase them across the entire map. Once I had everyone in play, it didn't seem that much more difficult, though.

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Re: Version 0.1.3

Postby [HT]Kevin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:29 pm

Yes thats true -- especially in Barrows case he does not hold his own against skeletons in most cases. He is mostly a support hero, making it hard from him to be good on his own.
With the other creep types it works much better tough.

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Re: Version 0.1.3

Postby Quizer » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:33 pm

Maybe you should just nerf skeletons' base stats a little, so that they are really weak if they show up as the first or second wave? Would that be doable without weakening them much in the later waves?

I feel that this whole idea of each hero having a special enemy type they do really well against is a cool mechanic on paper, but in practice it means that the heroes do really crappily whenever they are forced to fight enemies that don't match this specialization. That doesn't seem ideal to me; they should still be able to do okay-ish if the specialization doesn't match.

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