Version 0.1.3

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Version 0.1.3

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:49 pm

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### Systems Balancing
 * Changed the way boni from skills, runes, auras and shrines are combined. Skills stack additively with each other,
   the same is true for runes. The skill and rune boni are then combined multiplicatively, as are the boni from
   auras and shrines.

### Character Balancing
 * Wylde - Increased damage multiplier against werewolves from x3 to x6.
 * Wylde - Increased base damage from 15 to 20.
 * Jack - Ricochet chance is now rolled per projectile instead of per attack.
   This means that a single multi-projectile attack can now contain critical hits, ricochet bolts and instant kill bolts.

### Map Balancing
 * Reduced speed of Werewolf boss on Hard and Insane difficulty.
 * Increased amount of consumables available on Hard and Insane difficulty.
 * Sam's Hut (Medium) - Increased health of zombies by 25%.
 * Sam's Hut (Medium) - Reduced regeneration rate of regenerating creeps by 20%.
 * Watermill (Medium) - Raised overall difficulty.
 * Watermill (Medium) - Reduced number of path changes.
 * Bridge (Medium) - Swapped the paths: Skeletons and zombies now spawn on path 2 while Igors and Werewolves spawn on path 1.
### Texts / Story
 * Added missing texts to Russian translation.   
 * The yellow path in in Watermill is now properly called "Yellow Path" in the wave announcer popup.

### User Interface
 * The camera can now be moved by touching the screen border with the mouse.
 * The camera can now be moved with the arrow keys.
 * Victory screen animations can now be skipped.
 * Added the Hero Defense logo to the main menu screen.
 * The colors of rune bags now match the color of the runes you get from them.
 * Show hotkeys on character portraits and consumable icons.

### Bug Fixes
 * Fixed a bug where the active abilities of creeps would not work under certain conditions.
   This happened mostly in our multiplayer tests but it might also have happened in singleplayer games.
 * Fixed a bug where user *Schlimmer Finger* would always lose multiplayer matches when playing without a monitor.

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