Alpha 6

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Alpha 6

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:43 pm

New Features
  • You can now select the language from the Options menu.
  • The game always uses your native desktop resolution now. You will be able to control it again once we have finished implementing our graphics options menu.
Graphical Improvements
  • Barrows' Splash effect now looks so cool that it freezes the ground.
  • Re-balanced most of the early campaign levels. Should feel much smoother and more interesting now.
  • Every campaign level will grant you a Rune the first time you beat it.
Bug Fixes
  • Animations for characters and Angry Mob no longer play twice as fast as they should.
  • Start screen no longer says "tap screen to start". We don't want your monitor to have dirty fingerprints all over.
  • Loading screen icons are now scaled correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where UIs would not reposition correctly when changing the resolution.

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