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Version 0.0.9

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:26 am

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### New Features
 * Runes have multiple tiers now.
 * Added the Bank building where you can trade gold for gems.
 * Russian Localization.
 * Added Credits button to main menu.
 * The game pauses now when you minimize it or switch to another window.

### Removed Features
 * Disabled French and Spanish for now until we have had the final text changes translated.
 * Disabled the Daily Challenge button in the village menu until we get a chance to properly balance them.
### Balancing
 * Hero's Strikes are stronger now.
 * Major changes to the pricing of buildings, weapons, shrines and rune bags.
 * Major changes to the amount of gold and gems you receive in levels and for challenges.
 * Creeps no longer get faster when walking downhill and slower when walking uphill.
 * Range runes now also increase Aura ranges.
 * Increased Barrows' strength against skeletons.
 * Made the first few levels a little easier, they were way too difficult.
 * Adjusted balancing on all medium difficulty maps up to Tower.
 * Count Necrosis can no longer be healed by other creeps.

### Usability
 * Switched to a hardware cursor, this vastly improved the cursor responsiveness.
 * Increased the mouse movement threshold when a click is considered to be a drag.
 * Added a confirmation popup to the New Game button.
 * You can exit all buildings and submenus with Escape now.
 * You can now open the Options menu on the World Map and in the Village with the Escape key.
 * Characters are no longer deselected after moving them (you may have to delete your HauntedIsland.ini
   for this change to take effect).
 * Victory Screen reward popups now say "Click to Continue".
### Graphical Improvements
 * Fixed some graphical issues with the new fog in some levels.
 * Fixed some graphical issues with health bars in combination with the new fog.
 * Added multiple visible tiers of coin drops, depending on the size of the stack.
 * Better fonts and some minor tweaks for the options menu.
 * Added a new intro animation.
 * Fixed some graphical glitches with the intro and outro animations of Manor.
 * Fixed some graphical glitches with Count Necrosis' death animation.
### Story
 * Sam's and Jane's introductions are cooler now.
### Bugfixes
 * Fixed a bug where the game would hang in the Victory/Defeat Screen.
 * Fixed a bug in Sam's and Wylde's targeting AI that could cause creeps to be rendered as walking
   towards the villager house while actually walking straight towards the barricade when Sam or Wylde
   were standing near the path junction.
 * Fixed a bug where the UI would disappear when trying to buy a rune pack you can't afford.
 * Fixed a bug where you would not unlock the shrine building feature.
 * Fixed a bug where Count Necrosis would not teleport away just before reaching the barricade in Mines,
   making the level way more difficult than intended.
 * Fixed a bug where the difficulty indicator would vastly overestimate your strength if you haven't
   unlocked all characters yet.
 * Fixed a bug where completed challenges would not be saved and/or displayed.
 * Fixed a bug where you would not receive the reward for completing the Tower Defense challenge.
 * Fixed a bug where you would not receive achievements for completing challenges.
 * Fixed a bug where you would not receive achievements for winning specific maps (He Is Here,
   The Father, Family Heritage).
 * Fixed a number of issues that could be caused by the Skip Dialog hotkey.
 * The "Throw Fire Bombs" tutorial now disappears right after you throw the fire bomb and no longer
   waits until the creep is dead.
 * Moved Boss sequence in Sam's Hut to proper Wave.
 * Fixed a bug where the first wave would spawn immediately in levels where a character is
   already placed by default.
 * Fixed a couple of issues where the dark background layer for tutorials etc. would not correctly scale
   with all resolutions.
 * Fixed a bug where the Forge would be highlighted when it shouldn't be.

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