Alpha 6, Greenlight, and more

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Alpha 6, Greenlight, and more

Postby [HT]Benjamin » Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:47 pm

This was an exciting week!

We were featured on the German 48 hour charity stream Loot für die Welt!
You can check out the recording on Twitch, if you missed it.

Also, in case you haven't done this yet: Please help us get on Steam by voting for our Greenlight entry!

This week's patch allows you to switch the language from the Options menu. If you are a native speaker in any of the languages we currently support, please take a look and tell us if something feels odd. The translations were made by a third party translation service and we know that at least the German ones still need a lot of refinement.

Finally, tell us what you think of our new trailer!

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