Patch 0.1.7 - Bugfixes

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Patch 0.1.7 - Bugfixes

Postby [HT]Kevin » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:21 pm

Today's patch sees some Bugfixes and usability improvements.

Levelselect Improvements
A lot of players have given us feedback on the Levelselect, and we are slowly starting to implement some of it.
Difficulties can now be set directly instead of cycling through all of them. Additionally, you can now see the Rune that you will
gain upon completion, giving you a very good basis of deciding which map to play next.

Rune Merging
Some players have noticed that merging Legendary runes results in common Runes - that is fixed now.
Also - there are awesome effects now when merging runes, that make it even cooler.

We have toiled away on bugfixes again, fixing some minor interface issues, as well as some bigger ones.
The biggest of which was an issue that caused Waves to not enter the map after their countdown ran out. If you've found the higher difficulties
too easy, that is why - so buckle up and go at it again to see if you still have it!

You can find the detailed patchnotes as always here

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