Verion 1.0.0

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Verion 1.0.0

Postby [HT]Kevin » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:46 pm


Hero Defense is now out of the Early Access program and officially released.
Again we want to say thanks to our community - thank you for your time, your feedback and your love!

Today's patch not only marks our transition from Early Access to full release, it also gives you a super big update with lots of amazing things!

Overhauled Tutorial Experience
After a lot of feedback, user testing and your input, we went ahead and completely overhauled the tutorial experience. The new tutorial is more story driven and provides you with much more excitement when entering Haunted Island for the first time.
Even if you already know how the game works, the new tutorial is definitely worth checking out.

Improved Multiplayer GUI
We've added the "OPPONENT VIEWER" to the multiplayer mode, perfectly showing you your enemies' weaknesses to exploit.
Additionally, we've added better feedback to show why you won or lost a game.

More Features!
There's a ton of small stuff being added to the game as well - more music, more languages, multiplayer achievements, more endless mode maps, etc, etc.

And because that is not enough, we've been very busy with obliterating every bug we could find on the island. For a complete list, see our PATCH NOTES.

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